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Interested in learning more about why it’s so important to #SayYesToThePenny on November 6th and exactly what is at stake here in Beaufort County? Have an opportunity where we can present information about this critical referendum to a group or organization that might be interested in finding out more about the state of our roads and bridges – and how “saying yes” can help?

Contact us below for any additional background or questions, or to arrange for him to speak at an upcoming meeting to let people know about why this vote is so critical – and why “saying yes to the penny” on November 6th means so much … to so many.

We’d love to tell you more about how Saying Yes to the Penny will have a positive impact on life in Beaufort County. Contact us below with any questions about the Beaufort Penny Referendum, or any comments/ideas that you have about this important upcoming vote.

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Keep up to date with where we are speaking, who is supporting us, and what people are saying – it’s a place to have your voice heard too!