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By policy, CNP does not endorse any political candidates.  CNP will offer an opinion on ballot issues concerning land use and the environment.  CNP strongly urges every citizen to be informed and engaged on the candidates and issues and VOTE.

There are several issues on the November 6 ballot.  Here are some details.

Penny Tax Referendum – Proposed Improvements to 278 Gateway Corridor and other Beaufort County roads.

CNP is offering qualified support FOR this referendum under the conditions that there be early and continual citizen involvement as the design alternatives are considered.  Traffic safety and easing congestion can be balanced with neighborhood and environmental protection with a transparent design process.

Here is the exact ballot wording:

I approve a special transportation sales and use tax in the amount of one percent (1%) to be imposed in Beaufort County for not more than Four (4) years, or until a total of $120,000,000 in resulting revenue has been collected, whichever comes first. The sales tax proceeds will be used for the following projects as described and for which an estimated capital cost is stated. Hilton Head Island – US 278 Corridor Traffic Improvements: Repair and/or replace the existing spans of the bridges to Hilton Head Island and other improvements between Moss Creek Drive and Squire Pope Road $80,000,000 Lady’s Island Corridor Traffic Improvements: Roadway traffic improvements between the Woods Memorial Bridge and the Chowan Creek Bridge as outlined in the Lady’s Island Corridor Study dated May 19, 2017 $30,000,000 Sidewalks and Multi-Use Pathways – Safe Routes to Schools: Installation and repair of sidewalks and multi-use pathways at multiple locations within Beaufort County so as to provide safe walking routes to schools and improved access to residential communities: (1) Burnt Church Road, Ulmer Road, and Shad Road, (2) Laurel Bay Road Pathway Widening, (3) Bluffton Parkway Phase 1, (4) Joe Frazier Road, (5) Meridian Road, (6) Alljoy Road, (7) Salem Road, Old Salem Road, and Burton Hill Road, (8) Middle Road, (9) Stuart Point, (10) Broad River Boulevard and Riley Road, (11) Broad River Drive, (12) Lake Point Drive and Old Miller Road Pathway Connection, (13) Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive, (14) Ribaut Road to Parris Island Gateway, (15) Pine Grove Road and Burton Wells Road, (16) Spanish Moss Trail Extension, (17) Seabrook Road, (18) Depot Road, (19) Chowan Creek Bluff, (20) U.S. 17 Pathway Extension, (21) Bruce K. Smalls, (22) Paige Point, (23) Big Road, and (24) Big Estate Road $10,000,000 Total: $120,000,000.