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On November 6, 2018 there will be a question on the ballot asking if you are in favor of a 1% sales tax increase that will be used towards repairing and installing roads, bridges, and sidewalks in Beaufort County, SC for four years.

These improvements will make Beaufort County a safer place to live and work.  This is a critical vote. We must address the traffic congestion and safety issues surrounding our roads and bridges.  It becomes more important with each passing day.  

The stakes are high. Please vote “Yes to the Penny” on November 6th. This affects our economic stability and growth. It’s about safe roads, bridges, and pathways for generations to come. 

This is the ballot language that will be presented to voters

“I approve a special transportation sales and use tax in the amount of one percent to be imposed in Beaufort County for no more than 4 years, or until a total of $120 million dollars in resulting revenue has been collected, whichever comes first.”

$80 million dollars will be spent on Hilton Head Island to make traffic improvements to the U.S. 278 corridor. Those improvements include:

  • Repairing and/or replacing existing spans of the bridges to Hilton Head Island
  • Improvements between Moss Creek Drive and Squire Pope Road


$10 million dollars will be spent on the installation and repair of sidewalks and multi-use pathways in Beaufort County. Those improvements include:

  • 24 locations within Beaufort County that will help to provide safe walking routes to schools and improved access to residential communities


$30 million dollars will be spent on Lady’s Island to make corridor traffic improvements. Those improvements include:

  • Roadway traffic improvements between the Woods Memorial Bridge and the Chowan Creek Bridge

So how will the $120 million dollars in collected revenue be spent?

Three projects across Beaufort County, SC will be funded with that money.


$80 million Traffic improvements on Hilton Head Island


$10 million Sidewalk & pathway improvements, county-wide

$30 million Traffic improvements on Lady’s Island

Who pays for these improvements?

Because this is a SALES TAX, tourists and commuters from outside Beaufort County will be subject to the 1% increase whenever a taxable purchase is made in Beaufort County. It is estimated that as much as 50% or more of the overall $120 million revenue will be made from these purchases. 


Tourists & Commuters


Beaufort County Residents

Things this transportation referendum will do:


Improve roadways by making them safer


Relieve traffic congestion


Improve roadways to allow residents better access to Beaufort County’s waterways

Things this transportation referendum will NOT do:


Last more than 4 years. This sales tax automatically ends in 4 years and cannot be put into effect again without voter approval.


Be used for anything except for transportation projects. This is a built-in mechanism to help protect taxpayers.

What THIS means for Residents of Beaufort County:

  • Safer roads and bridges throughout Beaufort County

  • Safe walking routes to schools and other destinations

  • Traffic Improvements on Hilton Head Island

  • Timely and much-needed repairs to address safety issues on existing deteriorating structures

  • Traffic Improvements on Lady’s Island

  • Sidewalk & Pathway Improvements in Beaufort County

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Citizens for Better Roads and Bridges is a group of concerned citizens who have joined together to create, support and advocate for comprehensive solutions to the growing problem of Beaufort County’s deteriorating bridges, troubled roads and resulting traffic congestion. We are deeply concerned that current infrastructure challenges threaten to impact the well-being of Beaufort County residents – and believe that the ability to move around town and from one area to another freely and safely is a crucial component to maintaining our already existing high quality of life.